Inflatable Castle Fabric

Inflatable Castle Fabric

Location: China
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter
Specification According to customer requirements
Delivery time: Usually shipped 30 days after order confirmation
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Product Detials

Common Items
Code Weight(gsm) Base Fabric Tensile Strength(N/5cm) Tear Strength(N) Adhesion Strength(N/5cm) Temperature(℃)
Standard GB/T 4669-2008 / GB/T3923.1-2013 DIN53363 GB/T25004-2010 ASTM D2136-02
CQ800 800 ± 30 1000D*1000D/23*23 ≥3000/2800 ≥400/380 ≥110  -30 ±70
CQ650 650 ± 30 1000D*1000D/20*20 ≥2400/2200 ≥320/300 ≥110  -30 ±70
CQT800 800 ± 30 1000D*1000D/23*23 ≥3000/2800 ≥350/300 ≥100  -20 ±70
CQT610 610 ± 30 1000D*1000D/20*20 ≥2500/2200 ≥300/280 ≥100  -20 ±70
CQT580 580 ± 30 1000D*1000D/18*18 ≥2200/1800 ≥280/220 ≥100  -20 ±70


Fire Resistant Options
Basic FR, DIN4102-B2, DIN4102-B1, NFPA-701, GB8624-B2, GB8624-B1, NF P -M2
And other FR customization


Surface Treatment Options
Acrylic, PVDF, PVF, TiO2
And other customization


Treatment Options
Anti-UV, Anti-Cold-Crack, Anti-Mildew, Anti-Wicking
And other customization


Environmental Friendly Treatment Options
And other customization

1. Huifeng Inflatable Castel Fabric has the characteristics of good air tightness, strong UV resistance, corrosion resistance, mildew resistance, high wear resistance and excellent impact resistance.

2. Huifeng has rich experience in product customization, product size, gram weight, strength, fire rating, weather treatment, etc. can be flexibly customized according to customer needs.


Zhejiang Huifeng Holding Group Corp.,Ltd (Huifeng) was founded in 2001, loacted in Haining City, Zhejiang Province. Huifeng is a large enterprise specializes in producing all kinds of Advertising Printing Materials, Industrial PVC Knife Coating Tarpaulin, Inflatable Castle Fabric, Environmental Friendly High Weatherability Decoration Film and so on.

Huifeng has Huifeng New Materials, Huifeng Film Technology, Huifeng Technology&Innovation, three main plant in Haining Economic Development Zone, which cover an area 100thousand SQM. Huifeng owns Zhejiang Huifeng Technology&Innovation Co.,Ltd, Haining Hiraoka Huifeng Membrane Co.,Ltd, Zhejiang Huifeng Film Technology Co.,Ltd, Zhejiang Huifeng Import&Export Co.,Ltd and other subsidiaries.

As a famous Custom Inflatable Castle Fabric Suppliers and OEM/ODM Inflatable Castle Fabric company, Huifeng has first-class machinery equipment, top technical strength, advanced R&D ability, perfect office facilities, good management environment, strong economic foundation and good sales service network. Huifeng is China TOP10. Flex Banner Brand, with rich advertising printing materials production experience. Huifeng has China top production equipment and technology in PVC Knife Coating Tarpaulin area, the company has cooperation with World TOP10. Architectural Membrane manufacturer Japan HIRAOKA, Huifeng PVC Knife Coating Tarpaulin especially Architectural Membrane, renowned at home and abroad. In addition, Huifeng is the pioneer of China Environmental Friendly High Weatherability Decoration Film.

In 2019, Huifeng output PVC Flex Banner 80million SQM, Knife Coating Tarpaulin 20million SQM, PVC Film 12000 Ton, High Weatherability Film 2million SQM. Total output value over CNY 600million.

Huifeng (836141) is officially listed on Middle-Small Board on APR.2016. Now, Huifeng is receiving guidance to be listed on Main Board.

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Inflatable Castle Fabric

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